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  Honrama Cellars  
Honorio Ramirez-Mata

Honorio was born in September 1959 in San Salvador de Los Ahorcados, Guanajuato Mexico. This small village did not offer much of a future for anyone. People were forced to live on a day to day basis. This was the way of life as they knew it. At a very young age, Honorio was taught by his father, Fabian, that the only way to survive was to live and work in the city. Which is just what he did. Fabian lived and worked in Mexico City and would send money back to his family in Guanajuato. Honorio's mother passed away at a very young age, therefore he was forced to grow up very quickly. His mother, Maria Luisa, was survived by Honorio, his older sister Marcelina and his younger brother Lucio, who was only a year old. Honorio and his siblings had to move from one family's home to the next in order to survive on their own.

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