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Paula Valentina Puentes

Say hello to Paula Valentina, our brave and spirited ten-year-old! Her name, Valentina, perfectly captures her courageous nature. Paula is the adored little sister of two older brothers, and she brings a special spark to our family.

As a strong leader, Paula has found her passion in the exciting sport of escaramuza, the only female sport in Mexican charreria. She fearlessly takes on the challenge and shines brightly as she performs with her team.

Beyond her love for escaramuza, Paula has a big heart for animals and takes great care of them. From feeding to cuddling, she makes sure her furry friends are happy and healthy.

School is a place where Paula's face lights up with joy. She loves going to school, cherishing the friendships she has formed with her classmates and the guidance she receives from her teachers. In fact, Paula is her mom's trusty teacher's aide for religion education, helping first-grade students learn about faith and values.

With her nurturing personality, friends of the family often describe Paula as the "mommy" of the house. She has a natural talent for taking care of others and ensuring everyone feels loved and supported.

Looking ahead, Paula dreams of following in her mom's footsteps and becoming an entrepreneur. Inspired by her mother's incredible work, she envisions a future where she can make a positive impact and create something amazing of her own.

Paula Valentina is a remarkable young girl who embodies bravery, leadership, and a heart full of love. Her bright spirit and ambitious dreams will undoubtedly take her far, and we can't wait to see the incredible things she will achieve!

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