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Honrama: "A Celebration of Opportunity, Labor, Resolve, and the Bond of Generations".

The journey of every wine begins in the vineyard, with the grape. The beauty of every wine is crafted from the souls and hands of those who tend the vineyards, pick the grapes, and cultivate the nectar. Just as every family is crafted from the souls and hands of those who recognize opportunity, take risks, work from dawn to dusk, and share their wisdom". Named in honor of Honorio Ramirez Mata, Honrama reflects the bond of respect and admiration between generations. From the soul of a great man whose quest for a better life for his family brought him to Napa Valley working to tend the vineyards and harvest the fruit, to the souls of his children and grandchildren who lovingly make the wine.

Our Story

Honrama Cellars is a notable winery located in Napa, California. Founded in 2008 by Juan and Miriam Ramirez, the winery has established a reputation for producing high-quality wines, particularly their well-balanced and full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon.
The name "Honrama" is a combination of the founders' names: Juan and Miriam. It reflects their shared passion, commitment, and dedication to creating exceptional wines. With a dream to own their own business in the wine industry, the couple embarked on a journey to establish a winery that would showcase their love for winemaking.

Situated in the renowned Napa Valley, Honrama Cellars benefits from the region's ideal climate and terroir, which contribute to the production of exceptional grapes. The winery carefully selects the finest grapes from local vineyards, ensuring that only the highest quality fruit is used in their winemaking process.

Honrama Cellars is known for its focus on crafting premium Cabernet Sauvignon, a varietal that thrives in the Napa Valley. The winery's meticulous winemaking techniques and attention to detail result in wines that exhibit complexity, depth, and a distinct sense of place. Each vintage showcases the unique characteristics of the region, offering wine enthusiasts a truly remarkable tasting experience.

With their dedication and passion, Juan and Miriam have successfully established Honrama Cellars as a respected and sought-after brand in the Napa Valley wine scene. Their wines have garnered acclaim and recognition for their exceptional quality, further solidifying the winery's reputation as a producer of outstanding wines.

Honrama Cellars invites wine lovers to experience the fruits of their labor, offering visitors the opportunity to taste their carefully crafted wines and explore the beauty of Napa Valley. With a commitment to excellence and a devotion to their craft, Honrama Cellars continues to create wines that embody the spirit and essence of the region.

Meet Our Family


Juan Puentes


Juan Honorio Puentes


Paula Valentina Puentes

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Miriam Puentes


Andres Francisco Puentes

Honorio Ramirez
The Man Behind the name Honrama


Honorio was born in September 1959 in San Salvador de Los Ahorcados, Guanajuato Mexico. This small village did not offer much of a future for anyone. People were forced to live on a day to day basis. This was the way of life as they knew it. At a very young age, Honorio was taught by his father, Fabian, that the only way to survive was to live and work in the city. Which is just what he did. Fabian lived and worked in Mexico City and would send money back to his family in Guanajuato. Honorio's mother passed away at a very young age, therefore he was forced to grow up very quickly. His mother, Maria Luisa, was survived by Honorio, his older sister Marcelina and his younger brother Lucio, who was only a year old. Honorio and his siblings had to move from one family's home to the next in order to survive on their own.


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22985 A Burndale Rd. Sonoma, Ca 94558  |  Walk-Ins Welcome, Reservations Highly Recommended

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