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Andres Francisco Puentes

Meet Andres Francisco, our charismatic middle son whose life revolves around the Mexican rodeo and the noble art of being a charro. Born an old soul, he seemed wise beyond his years from the moment he entered the world. While other children embrace childhood, Andres finds himself skipping ahead, effortlessly transitioning into his teenage years.

Although he faces challenges in school, Andres's passion for charreria, his leadership qualities, and his unwavering determination shine through. His love for the sport fuels his drive to excel, overcoming any obstacles that come his way.

But Andres's qualities extend far beyond his passion for charreria. He possesses a big heart, expressing love through kind words and thoughtful gestures. He is a devoted family man, always protecting and looking out for his mother. The bond between Andres and his father is undeniable, as they share a deep connection and often engage in conversations about the beloved Mexican national sport of charreria.

Andres Francisco is a remarkable individual, embodying the spirit of charreria while radiating love, leadership, and a genuine sense of responsibility towards his family.

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