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Miriam Puentes

Miriam Puentes is a vintner and an inspiring individual whose story is filled with hope and determination. Originally from a magical town in Guanajuato, Mexico, Miriam's parents moved to the USA in search of the American dream. She carries titles such as friend, daughter, sister, mother, wife, and vintner.

In 1998, Miriam began her journey in the wine business when she landed her first job at Caymus Vineyards at a young age. Through her dedication and passion, she became well-known within the wine industry families. Miriam had remarkable role models in the industry, including Chuck Wagner of Caymus Vineyards and Jim Regusci of Regusci Winery. These influences, along with the support of her parents Honorio and Esther Ramirez, planted the seed for Miriam to start her own family-run wine business.

While working at Caymus Vineyards during the day, Miriam pursued her passion by studying business at Napa Valley College at night. She eventually transferred to the University of Arlington in Texas where she studied international business and in 2005 she received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from St. Mary's College of Moraga.

Miriam's path crossed with her husband, Juan Puentes, who played a crucial role in bringing their vision to life. In 2008, the dream team established Honrama Cellars, named in honor of Miriam's father. They started with 500 cases of Honrama Cellars Cabernet and, over a decade, have managed every aspect of the business together. Miriam and Juan instill in their children the values of hard work, dedication, and the pursuit of their passions. You can often find the Honrama Puentes family in their tasting room or at their family ranch in Napa, enjoying the company of their horses and animals. It's a dream come true.

Miriam takes great pride in the increasing number of Latino producers in the Napa Valley over the past 5-10 years. These producers, typically the second generation of hard-working parents who immigrated to the Napa Valley years ago, represent an important shift in the industry. Miriam believes in celebrating the opportunities, labor, resolve, and the bond of generations through her winery, Honrama.

Honrama Cellars is a testament to Miriam's unwavering determination and her passion for winemaking. Her story is one that inspires others to follow their dreams and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead.

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