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Juan Honorio Puentes

Juan Honorio , Juanito, is our exceptional 17-year-old and the eldest among our three children. With a relentless drive for success, he is an overachiever who consistently goes above and beyond in all his endeavors.

Juanito's dedication and involvement in school are remarkable, and he actively participates in various activities and clubs. He cherishes the relationships he has built with his peers, valuing the power of teamwork and collaboration. Not only does he excel academically, but he also embraces his role as a leader within his school community.

Juanito is passionate about making a positive impact and goes beyond school to do so. He's an active member of the Student Leadership Council for Congressman Mike Thompson and participates in Mock Trial. He also engages with the local community, particularly through organizations like MENTIS. Juanito volunteers with Team Connect and Dreamers Road Map to support fellow students in their pursuit of higher education.

Juanito's exceptional dedication, optimism, and unwavering belief in making a difference set him apart as an inspiring young individual. With his strong leadership skills, academic prowess, and commitment to social change, Juanito is poised to leave a lasting impact on his community and beyond.

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