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Juan Puentes

Juan, born in Woodland, CA in 1979, dreamed of becoming a Charro as a child. After graduating from Winters High School in 1997, he joined the army and later pursued Business Management at Heald College. Despite transportation hardships, Juan worked as a pizza delivery man to pay for his education.

In 1999, his mom gave him a phone number for a job at Pacific Bell Hispanic Center, where he successfully secured a position among 10 selected candidates out of 500. His life transformed as he traded his pizza delivery job for a professional role at the call center.

With determination instilled by his mom Emilia, Juan thrived at Pacific Bell. In the same year, he met Miriam Ramirez, who shared her dream of owning a wine business. Together, they established Honrama Cellars in 2008, crafting a remarkable Cabernet.

Life is a journey filled with countless opportunities. Juan's story is a testament to embracing those opportunities and succeeding. Cheers from our family to yours. Viva Honrama Cellars!

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